31 May 2008

Therapeutic ..

I have just finished sorting out clothes, those which are too poor a condition have been relegated to the rag pile, those which have shrunk ( surely not I hear you cry! ) have been put in a pile to go to the Salvation Army bottle bank and the rest sorted into the various different chest of draws/wardrobes and chests ready for Summer..

There I said it, Summer whilst not actually sunny today, is warm... and all the winter jumpers and everything else has now been officially stored until they will be needed again when it turns cooler towards Autumn..

I don't tend towards Spring Cleaning, as I prefer to do my sorting out in Autumn (ready for my hibernation period); I find it comforting to create a nice warm, comfortable nest as the days grow shorter but needs must as SOH and I are trying to put two houses into one and as everyone knows clothes expand to fit the space available so I am doing it earlier rather than later this year...

Guess that means the weeding will be done tomorrow now, as after this I prescribe a nice relaxing shower and a glass of wine with tonights meal of tinkers casserole which after a long day at work the SOH will enjoy.


Sucharita Sarkar said...

you are so right...I feel completely buoyant when I clean/re-arrange/sort out cupboards/bookshelves/furniture.

I only wish that the pristine, pin-new state would automatically preserve itself 24x7x365! Good luck with the weeding!

Elaine said...

Ooooh, I am so proud - and humble - that you have chosen one of my recipes.

Sage said...

It's cos we like it.. actually I cooked it the day before and then on Saturday I ladled some into an oven proof dish and laid some shortcrust pastry on top, brushed with milk and then salted the pastry topping.. cooked in an oven it developed a nice savoury and very crispy topping which went down well with some boiled potatoes, carrots and petis pois.. this recipe is one of my favourites.