02 June 2008

Donating Blood

t's a blood donation session today, and all well I will go and give blood; I am getting closer to having made 50 donations and therefore closer to another badge for my collection, a side effect is I usually feel a lot better for losing a pint of blood (ok I know we donate 450gms... a little under a pint but please I am getting older and still stuck with imperial measurements lol). I also give because you never know if one day you might need their services for yourself, and I wanted to do it from an early age but had to wait until I was 18 to start donating.

I am lucky in that my employer is relaxed about a) hosting the service at work and also ensuring we can go during their time.. no mean thing in this day and age when nose to the grindstone seems to be the order of the day.

I enjoy having a chat with the team managing the volunteers, they spend their days travelling from site to site and seeing no end of arms and needles, but still have a smile and make you feel at ease no matter how far some of them have travelled.

I wonder how other countries manage their system and whether it is better in comparison to ours which provides resources for the National Health service.

Update : apparently they have rescheduled this for the 16th June .. wished I had known before walking there to find out. Still on the 16th I can still go as that day is free in my calendar :-)

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Elaine said...

I have tried to give blood on more than one occasion, but always been refused - medications I have been on.