29 February 2012

An unpaid day

Or leap year day... when we have a full day extra in the calendar and traditionally it was for girls to propose to their fellas although I don't think many people are too bothered with waiting for the four years these days.

I have walked the dogs, well I have thrown lots of balls for them and they are now sleeping while I have some washing on that will need to go outside and enjoy the delights of the sunshine. It is cold here though, which is a shame as it would be nice to have sat in outside enjoying the last of the february days.

Winter (dare I say it) seems to have bypassed me, hardly any frosts to speak of and certainly no snow. No doubt she will come back and bite me on the rear end with some ferocious March weather in the month to come.

I extend an invitation to my bloggy friends to visit with me should you choose to do so, I have a spare bedroom and can lay on a suitably Cornish style breakfast.. just need to put up with two black labradors checking you out lol. Thank you for the suggestion Uncle Bernard :-)

28 February 2012

I am humbled

I truly am humbled by the amount of support I have received. It is warming to know that you my friends, and some we haven't met yet (though there is still time), have been there mentally giving me support.

Even the doctor last week, told me some sage advice (geddit lol), and that was to be strong and not take any more stories. Accept the situation and move on..

The dogs are getting lots of walks, more so this week as I need to keep doing things to keep busy. I have packed everything up of his and it just needs to be collected; the remainder can then be stored in the garage but as long as I can get my bike out I don't care.

While life is a little hard at times, I think of all the positive things I have, and keep taking those steps forward. Plans are being made, not big ones, just little ones. Like reorganising, redesigning the nest and gives me something to aim for in the next few months by which time the weather should be better and the beach will be calling to me.

Love you all xx

27 February 2012

Nearly Done

I don't want to put too much on here as it is still a little too raw. Decisions had to be made about the relationship I was in as I was living a lie for the past 18 months. I wanted fidelity, I wanted to share my life with a certain someone exclusively but he didn't feel the same way and chose to use his job and shifts to meet and have relationships with other women. I couldn't prove it until recently and even when confronted he chose still to lie to me and at that point in time I realised that it couldn't go on.

His possessions will be leaving this week, the dogs will be remaining solely with me and I am now back on my own again, older, sadder, wiser but with lovely views over the Cornish Coast to keep me going when the tears fall.

Thank you for your words of wisdom, and comfort. They have been a light in the darkness

11 February 2012

Its Complicated

Events have overtaken me in real life.I have once more brrn hurt and I need some soul searching time.. my sincere apologies to you all who have been visiting only to see old messages.

I will return, with hopefully new energy and vigour.