29 February 2012

An unpaid day

Or leap year day... when we have a full day extra in the calendar and traditionally it was for girls to propose to their fellas although I don't think many people are too bothered with waiting for the four years these days.

I have walked the dogs, well I have thrown lots of balls for them and they are now sleeping while I have some washing on that will need to go outside and enjoy the delights of the sunshine. It is cold here though, which is a shame as it would be nice to have sat in outside enjoying the last of the february days.

Winter (dare I say it) seems to have bypassed me, hardly any frosts to speak of and certainly no snow. No doubt she will come back and bite me on the rear end with some ferocious March weather in the month to come.

I extend an invitation to my bloggy friends to visit with me should you choose to do so, I have a spare bedroom and can lay on a suitably Cornish style breakfast.. just need to put up with two black labradors checking you out lol. Thank you for the suggestion Uncle Bernard :-)

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