07 August 2015

Where to begin?

It has been such a long time since I put anything here.. so much has gone on in my life, so many changes.

One major change is that I have taken up private tutoring, something that I would never have dreamed of in my past life. I currently tutor some primary aged chilren, heading into their SAT year in September and a little concerned about their maths.

I have also progressed to teaching GCSE maths, yep me the maths failure at school teaching it to adults... who could believe that.. my first students took their exams in June and in another couple of weeks I will find out how they did. I started with 16 students and still had 10 of them by the end. The previous tutor ended up with just 3 taking the exam so on that alone I was a little more successful.

I have a new pet, don't worry Murphy and Jasper are still with me though a little greyer round the chin these days but we now have a labracat called Piran who I am sure believes he is just a smaller version of the two dogs. Still living, and loving, life in Cornwall.

I am enjoying a slower pace of life these days, I ended up last year in hospital to have a very septic gall bladder removed fairly PDQ and afterwards it took a while to feel better. In the meanwhile there were changes at work and my old boss left and we were merged with another department. It remains to be seen how this will be in the long term; but initial reservations have proved to be unfortunately true and my job has been highlighted as possibly redundant.. my first close experience of this first - hand. I am trying not to get too stressed over it but my levels of anxiety and stress are fairly high at the moment.

What has everyone else been up to?