21 May 2008

Do you remember ....?

What it was like before the advent of digital cameras.. taking reels and reels of films without knowing what the results were like because you needed to get them developed before you can see the pictures you took - and then cursing because sometimes the film just wasn't what you hoped for...

The last time I took pictures with a 'film' camera was in 2002, Dad and I had gone down to Cornwall for a week's holiday, and we took both the cameras (SLR and compact) with us... We did have some good pictures taken, but I didn't actually get them developed until 2003 when I finally managed to use the film up and by then I had forgotten where some of the locations were.

Why am I reminiscing, well it has become such a 'normal' part of our everyday lives to live with this sort of technology.. yet 28 years ago we were just in the infancy of Personal Computers, we hadn't heard of Blackberry (except the fruit that is), Bluetooth, Blogs and laptops were a figment of someone's imagination. What will be the future? will we become so tied up in the technology that we will forget how to talk to someone face to face? What do you think?

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uphilldowndale said...

I've been thinking about making a 'year book' from digital photographs, because I want something 'tactile' of this time, if that makes any sense!!
But I love being able to shoot off images with no concerns about wasting film and the cost of development, it makes me much more willing to experiment.