15 May 2008

Keep your fingers crossed

This weekend I am in charge of the BMW Club tent at the BMF (british motorcycling federation) show at Peterborough.. this is the 3rd year I have done it and my last as a new organiser is taking it over as of next year.

It is a lot of hard work, organising a display, getting all the supplies, booking the marquee/furniture, liaising with the management company, arranging for willing victims sorry volunteers to help out at the weekend - but the greatest fun when it is on.. I love doing it and have had a great deal of fun being responsible but it is time to hand over to someone who will bring a fresh eye to the club tent and give me a chance to just be a helper again (or even have a year off - what a radical thought!) SOH will be jointly running it with me, and will be good to have someone else to lean on.

So, keep your fingers crossed for a dry year, don't mind it being a little cooler than of late but please no torrential downpours over Peterborough way

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