05 May 2008


I admit it, I love gadgets... must be an inherited gene as my Dad liked gadgets too.

My latest acquisition is a multi-purpose charger... I have a bluetooth headpiece for my mobile phone, an MP3 player (or two) and a GPS system, my other half has a similar set up and of course none of them are the same type of charger so when we go away we end up with at least 4 different chargers for the relevant hardware.

Not since yesterday, a trip out past Maplins ended up with a new charger unit called an Igo which has different tips for it for the different pieces of electronics we both own and as a bonus includes a continental plug end for when we travel.. so now we are going to have one charger and that has definitely got to be good for our packing arrangements.

Isn't it amazing how the smallest things in life can make your day? :-)

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