14 May 2008

Places I would like to visit (sometimes again) in no particular order

1. Canada - I have a hankering to do a transCanada trail, by car, rail and motorbike. Rail across the rockies, something both Dad and I wanted to do, something I can do for him. To visit Toronto again and enjoy the Canadian hospitality. To ride into Alaska on the bikes is something I have wanted to do ever since the Long Way Round when Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman did it on their BMW 1150GS Adventure Motorcycles.
2. Australia - I have cousins out there, as well as friends who I would like to see - Sydney and Adelaide.
3. New Zealand - don't know why I have such a draw to this place, I would love to have had the opportunity to live there but it is less likely as the years go by.
4. Scotland - I worked at Balmoral every Summer/Autumn for 8 weeks, loved the place and the wildness; would like to visit the islands of Skye and Iona.
5. Ireland - have been to Dublin, and had a holiday in the West of the country stretching from Cork to Galway, but want to visit Donegal and take the motorbikes.
6. Africa - have never been but would love to visit, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa - I watched Ewan and Charlie on their BMW's and wanted to see more than their programme offered.
7. Italy - had a brief trip to Lake Garda and Venice as a child, but instantly fell in love with the country - can your soul be older than your body?
8. America - I want to visit with a friend who lives in New Jersey, to see some of the Pacific Highway, to visit Boston and the New England area to see where the settlers landed and colonised the country.
9. Singapore and Malaysia - I want to see the new version, and see if my memories were correct - particularly CK Tang's - like Harrod's it could get you anything you needed but at a price.
10. Cornwall - SOH's home county, I have also a lot of happy memories of this place and that means it is also special for me.

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