16 May 2008

5 things I could live without (and 5 I couldn't)

I was thinking about this during the early hours of the morning, when I couldn't sleep. 5 Things I could live without (and then went on to 5 I couldn't or wouldn't want to)

5 things I could live Without
  1. Swearing - is it me or becoming more commonplace everyday speech - why?
  2. Cigarettes - don't like the smell, hate it when they get thrown out of car windows onto unsuspecting passers by.
  3. Litterbugs - if it's your rubbish, take it home.. easy
  4. Chewing gum - banned by the dentist but costs so much to clean up
  5. Speeding drivers - doh speed limits are there for a purpose, we might not like it so there...
5 Things I couldn' t live without (or wouldn't want to)
  1. Chocolate - white, milk, plain - just addictive
  2. Tea - what would I drink otherwise?
  3. Marmite - well someone has to like it
  4. Cheese - another addiction, any and all cheese including goat's which can be an acquired taste.
  5. SOH - what can I say... ::blushes::
What are your five, either or both categories...

1 comment:

Annette said...

The first list is good, swearing, speeding etc.
I laughed when I saw 'marmite'
I love it too.