02 May 2008

I've got that Friday Feeling

Today is Friday, which means for the next three days I will be free from work.. well paid work that is... as I am busy trying to organise our club tent display for the bmf show which is ummm only 14 days away ::panic::

I have the helpers, I have the show booked, just need to confirm a couple of people to attend and work on what the display will be... so much for my words last year "Not going to do it again next year" .. famous last words; actually I had my arm twisted to do it one more time.

I have done it before, so I am confident on being able to pull it off, but it does mean instead of relaxing at the weekend or catching up on jobs around the house, I am going to be working on my unpaid job :-( and it means that the Boss and I will be working very hard that weekend, which will be our first official event together :-)

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