30 April 2008


Go on over to Elaine's recipe blog.. and check this recipe out...

I made it last night with a bit of a variation... I made this because my jaw was still tender post the appointment with MoP (Mistress of Pain aka The Dentist)

I used shin beef, instead of the chuck steak as I prefer the taste and texture... I didn't have any mushrooms and because it was raining hard I wasn't going to walk the mile and a half to the nearest shops to find out whether they had any.

After cooking it for 2 hours at 150, I layered sliced potatoes on top and salted them then put it back into a low oven 120 degrees C for another hour... served up with some petis pois and a nice glass of Black Tower Rose it made a nice end to the day or was that the apple crumble and custard that the Boss and I had for afters.

Cheers Elaine, that recipe has made it to my essential casserole list... though need to have something lighter now that warmer days are upon us so any suggestions please let me know.


Elaine said...

thank you very much sage, I am delighted that you enjoyed my humble recipe. I shall publish more as they come to mine, but most are quite simple.

Annette said...

Sounds delicious.