30 April 2008

A sore point

Last week I lost a filling, eating peanuts (I'm sure there is a moral to this tale somewhere), on my top right hand side of my mouth.

Monday I had an appointment with the Mistress of Pain, the Dentist... (actually she is very, very gentle and even numbs the gum with a local gel on a pad before injecting the painkilling injection I begged for).. I am such a wimp at times :-).

It was over and done with very quickly, but can someone tell me why they insist on talking to you when you have a mouth full of numbness and instruments?

I was out the door about 30 mins later, with instructions to watch what I was going to drink as I might burn myself, and the filling would take about 24 hours to set... I had to have an amalgam filling, never my favourites as they taste horrible and feel worse to my tongue which will explore any new 'thing' in my mouth.

After the anaesthetic wore off, I sat down and had a reviving cup of tea, the solace of the english.. anything wrong.. cup of tea will fix it... of course this doesn't apply to all things, but it does ease the dull ache of pain.

Glad to be back blogging... onwards and upwards...

1 comment:

Elaine said...

You are not a wimp. I always reckon I need a tranquiliser before phoning for an appointment, never mind taking it any further than that. And never mind a local, how about a general anaesthetic>