08 April 2008


What would you do with enough money to never have to work again? Could you ever be too busy with spending all that money never to work again?

Something I have thought about, but never had the opportunity to try it out, I think I would be too bored with nothing to do each day but exist .. yes sure you could go shopping, nothing would be out of your reach, but would you enjoy it after 12 months? I'm not sure I have the mind set for doing nothing, I like to be busy doing things, having a job to get up to go to in the morning, seeing how colleagues have managed jobs, learning new things..

I don't think I could be happy without that in my life so it started me dreaming about retirement, what would I do to fill my time the only difference between the two issues is the amount of money retirees have so that will limit my ability to buy more books or go on holiday...

Life can be quite scary at times


Annette said...

I have wondered that myself.
I would like to have just enough to live on and not worry about the bills etc. but I would not like to have too much.
I would like to retire tho, I must admit.

Elaine said...

I am retired, and it is not all roses..

I had hoped to work till at least 70 years, but health put a stop to that in my early sixties.

So what do I do?

read (voraciously)
play contract bridge at the Bridge Club
do jigsaws
blog and read blogs
visit family and friends
cook (I love cooking)

time does not drag.
time does not drag

Kathy G said...

I know I wouldn't be happy just shopping. As I've gotten older I really don't even like going in stores!

If I didn't have to earn money, I'd find some volunteer work that I could do. I'd also go to the community college and take random classes that interest me just because I could.