22 May 2008

Cell Dogs

I watched a bit of a tv programme last night, about cell dogs, prisoners being rehabilitated by rehabilitating stray and unwanted dogs in the US

The dogs had been rescued off the streets by the Humane Society but in their current state (scared, wary and untrusting) cannot be adopted by families. Instead prisoners in a local correctional facility (I didn't catch the name so it might well have been Red Rock) took the dogs in and spent time with them showing them that humans aren't all bad, and socialising them with the other dogs.. preparing them for life outside with a family at the end of it is the aim.

The alternative is to put the dogs to sleep, which would have been the only option if this programme didn't exist.

I wish we had something like that in this country, as I prefer that only sick and injured animals beyond saving would have to be euthanized.. something that the RSPCA and I tend to disagree on, but it would also give prisoners something to focus their energies on and that has to be a good thing, doesn't it?

Trouble is that I saw some lovely 10 day old puppies on the programme, being intensively cared for by a prisoner and I immediately wanted to have another dog... sadly my lifestyle doesn't permit me to take a puppy at the moment.. doesn't stop them tugging at my heartstrings.


Mrs Bee said...

I want a dog!!!!! I raelly, really want one! I'm not allowed one and it's probably not a bad thing considering I'm home for about 8 hours a day, which I spend sleeping...not a good idea to have one.

It sounds like a really clever idea actually but I don't think dogs deserve to be put with some of sc*mb**s that we have locked up in this country. Send them to me(the dogs that is), I'll look after them! :-D

Elaine said...

ooooh, how I would love to have a dog.

It would not be fair as I could not walk one.

I just have to make do with being an "auntie" to one!