07 May 2008

What can I do?

one of the local neighbourhood cats has decided that my front border is it's toilet area and it isn't something that I like... perhaps that is why I am more of a dog lover as I feel responsible for their waste while cats are free to roam and do it anywhere.

So my border isn't something I can fence off, and I have tried bark chippings (the cats seem to love this and often I find it scattered on the driveway) - have even tried the spray repellant though that seems to have little or no effect.

My plants don't seem to mind, thankfully, but I do as I have to check what I am touching before I do any work on the border and as for the smell; less said the better.

So any bright ideas, preferably ones that are not illegal or harmful to any animals?

On a brighter note, my carrots are at last poking through the ground and we can now remove the unwanted seedlings that surround them.. can't wait to be able to pick them... I love carrots just washed and still with the warmth of the earth in them.


Elaine said...


Sage said...

I am reminded of Jasper Carrot vs the moles with that one word :-)

I am thinking of bamboo spikes to keep the critters from squatting - do you think that might do the trick?

Annette said...

Orange peel.
Apparently cats hate it so put some around the borders and they won't go there.

Relax Max said...

No advice about cats. Cats seem to do as they wish, as you say. My problem is with dogs roaming free, at least at night and with their owners who take them out for a walk and let them do their business at the front of my property. Have almost come to blows with one gentleman. I still don't think he understood why I was upset...

And thanks again for your great informative posts over at my private little hell. Most of your countrymen think it is hilarious to toy with me, or outright lie to me about my serious inquiries. (And I AM serious about learning your language, btw.) Have a good day. Although, I suppose by now your day is pretty well over. :)

Sage said...

I think I might try the orange peel, owing to the fact that trying to get a shotgun will take too long - not to mention the psych tests to see if I am sane enough to own one :-)

Thanks all for suggestions...

Max - when I had my dog, I was a responsible owner and wouldn't let him foul the paths/roads etc reliably going out equipped with doggy doo bags to pick it up and then put it in the doggy doo bins for composting/disposal by the local council; I agree though it is a pet peeve of mine about irresponsible owners - it isn't nice and it certainly isn't necessary.