08 May 2008

Beautiful day

Today has been absolutely glorious wall to wall sunshine and so warm that people are remarking on a mini-heatwave.. it almost feels as though spring got bypassed straight into Summer... but the vagaries of British weather can mean that next week we might just have 6 inches of snow - you never know.

Today I spent most of it staring at the screen of my computer, watching and listening to the outline of what today's technologists think will be tomorrows must haves for the IT. What I wanted to be doing was catching up on some gardening chores, like finishing weeding the borders, the grass could do with another cut and instead I had to wait until I finished work before I could even water the plants in the polytunnel.

The onions and carrots are growing apace, the garlic - well it's funny it doesn't look much different to when they went in, other than they seem a little taller - is that normal? I have never grown garlic before so I have no idea of what I am doing.

It's a heavenly evening, and I am now relaxing finally at the end of a long day, though my mind is still buzzing from the thoughts of the conference, who would have thought that 20 years ago we could have attended such things on-line.. but then again if they had thought things were impossible we would not be flying, or sailing beneath the ocean.

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