12 May 2008

Long Sunny Sundays

Yesterday was a busy day, SOH and I were due up at Rutland as one of our friends passed away recently and a group of us got together for lunch and a chat - kind of a wake I suppose, but it was a glorious day and many bikes arrived at the destination.

I have a policy, ATGATT (all the gear, all the time) but it wasn't surprising that there was a fair number of people out on bikes yesterday without the protective gear because of the weather - doh! - it doesn't take a genius to realise that sunshine doesn't do anything to protect your skin if you come off!

Someone told me once when I was training to ride Motorbikes, that if you slide on a road without the gear you could lose an inch of skin depth for every metre of road.. a sobering thought and stuck in my mind - no matter how hot I am when standing still, when I am riding I want every bit of protection for my skin and I put up with not looking stupid.

Mousethinks had a post on her blog about the perils of motorcycling, I have to agree with some of the comments about how selfish some bikers are, but (and its a big but) please don't colour us all black. I would like to think I am a reasonably careful and considerate rider (as is SOH), I don't cut car drivers up and I obey the speed limits (unlike some riders) and I get equally annoyed with the inconsiderate riders I do have occasion to meet; like some of the riders on the B660 where the speed limit is set to 40 but they were quite clearly doing more than the set limit. Not only were they being irresponsible, but it is a rural area with tractors, horses and slower vehicles often present.

I don't want to end up under the care of Mousethinks, however nice it might be to meet her I would rather not under those circumstances, but my thanks go to people like her who have to pick up the pieces after any accident.


Annette said...

I didn't realize you were a biker, what kind of bike have you got?
It's illegal not to wear the gear isn't it?
I read Mouseys blog too, it's heartbreaking and frightening.

Sage said...

I have a 'small bike' as it is a 650cc BMW 650CS, see http://wiseherb.blogspot.com/2008/04/pride-and-joy.html

Sad to say, the only legal requirement is to wear a helmet of the prescribed standard.. something that makes my toes curl in hot weather as the number of riders in t-shirt and shorts beggars belief. I would like to make it such that protective clothing is mandatory as the consequences of an 'off' can be disastrous.

Dark Side said...

It really doesn't bear thinking about the consequences and that sounds like a lovely sized bike to me..x

Annette said...

Thanks sage.