29 May 2008

Cloud 9

I am on cloud nine today.... October the NFL are playing a game at Wembley (San Diego Chargers vs New Orleans Saints) and I have bought SOH and myself tickets to go and see the game. I tried last year to get tickets without success, as you have to enter a lottery to get the early tickets and it is usually way oversubscribed so no chance of last minute tickets.

Well this year, they let me know I was in the early draft, and this morning I got in as soon as the ticket office opened online to get two tickets, I have the cheapest ones and they still cost over £50 each, but it will be worth it to see a real game over here.

I have watched some of the england teams play, notably Northants Storm but these days it seems to be played either at college level or european level and not many local teams exist.

So we are looking forward to watching a 'proper' American Football game this year... and this is part of SOH's birthday present.

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Elaine said...

Not my cup of tea, but ENJOY!