13 May 2008

Blog #1414 - Million Blog List

It is said that there are over 70,000,000 blogs in existence. This site is an experiment to see how long it will take to get 1,000,000 blogs to list themselves on the site. Will it work? The experiment is to see how long will it take. It was started April 10th, 2008.

They are already up to 1500+ and growing by the day... it's also a good way of finding new blogs to read... not that I don't have quite a collection already, but I found a great one about Herbs and cooking written by a lovely Italian lady Graziana (I think that is her name) she has a few ideas that I haven't heard of before and am looking forward to trying.. particularly the potato balls with herbs that sounds great for a bbq one day.

Take a look, add your blog to the ever growing list..

update : today I noticed that the series 1399 to 1499 has disappeared and rather than recover it people have to re-enter their details so I have claimed 1414 as my number and changed it on their list and my blog.

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