06 May 2008

on a Happy note

Boss, my SOH (significant other half), applied for a job a couple of weeks ago with a local water company. One of the main reasons for doing so was the better employee care programme and also they are going to pay for him to do the HGV 1 licence which provides him with a transferable skill. He loves his current job, but at 26+ miles each way to work, and some very long days has meant that it was time to take a hard long look at life/work balance.

He heard last week that he has got the job, and today will be handing in his notice at his current employment; and though sad to leave the team it is for a happy reason and not because he isn't enjoying his job any more.

So all change at the back of beyond, and still more to come as we are implementing our future strategy which will be to sell up here and move to Cornwall, downsizing and hopefully destressing financial constraints.

He is lucky to have somewhere that is his spiritual home, I have lived in the back of beyond now for 16 years and it is the longest I have stayed anywhere. Comes of being an army brat, Dad was posted every 3-4 years and so you don't tend to put down firm roots knowing as you did that you would simply be uprooted to a new location in years to come.

I am treating this all as one big adventure, planning what we want, when we want and just have to come up with the ideal date sometime in the future; current estimates are that this will take anything up to five years to pull off, as Boss has to stay for a minimum of 2 years with the new company after qualifying and then there will be a period of job and house hunting/selling so conservatively we don't anticipate moving until about 2013 at this rate... of course that is unless our numbers come up on the lottery in which case we might go sooner :-)

Life is definitely exciting at the moment.


Relax Max said...

Scribblings? I think not. Your writing is very interesting, my new friend. I secretly hope you will be a regular contributor to my gradual edification of things British on BritishSpeak. Well, I suppose my hope is really not all that secret now, is it? :)

PS-please consider losing the word verification. It only puts a barrier between you and your friends--at least the ones who hate to read and type those waaaaaaavy words. I promise you'll not get any Porn-O-Spam. But if you do, save it for me. ;)

Sage said...

Word verification now switched off... thank's for that as I hadn't actually realised it was switched on 8-)

Will check back on your blog regularly to see how you are getting on..

btw, should have added my mum's family is from welsh stock and the welsh and cornish languages have a rootstock language in common as I am finding out.