28 May 2008

Another week, another gadget

I have a contract mobile phone, and occasionally when I remember to check, I get a 'free' upgrade.. well since I have had a mobile phone I have always had a nokia... but no more I now am the proud owner of a Sony Ericsson W960i

For the technically minded it is a walkman with 8GB of storage as well as a 3.2Mb camera and a 2.5 inch screen... which is touch sensitive so you can use a stylus to write text on it, or use an on-screen keyboard; this makes typing text messages a doddle for me and saves my thumbs or using predictive texting which I absolutely hate.

All this for the grand sum of £7.00 ($21.00 US give or take a bit at the current rate of exchange).. yet if you were to buy this phone on a pay as you go basis it would cost you over £400 new.. (tip look on ebay where similar phones were just a bit over £100 if you want to go this route).

My only problem with it has been to learn a new menu structure, if the nokia were like Windows then the Sony is like the Mac, it's there somewhere but not in the place you are looking.. but I think I have got to grips with the basics, I just want to explore the gps and blackberry software downloads I can put on the phone...

Oh, and the best thing... they realigned my contract charges and I am now paying less for more time/text messages.... got to be good.

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The Little Medic said...

I got a new gadget too. A phone upgrade from Nokia N95 to a PDA based device. It rocks, phone upgrade time is one of my favourite times of the year!

Have fun playing.