09 May 2008

Composting - what's it all about?

I have these two compost bins at the bottom of the garden, and as Dad was the principal gardener rather than me, they have been ignored for the past few years. However, as rightfully pointed out, there is a lot of waste (tea bags etc) that could be recycled by composting and I have no idea of how to go about it.

Is there a site that has an idiot's guide to learn how to make compost?

Answers please, anyone...


Annette said...

It already is, isn't it???
I think!

Elaine said...

Re tea bags: you have to get the ones that are not made of plastic or else they do not decompose and you need to fish them out when you riddle the compost.

seemie said...


take a look at:


I find it really interesting (even the kid's games teach me a lot!)