14 July 2009

I had a Simpsons Moment Last Night

What is a Simpson's Moment? Doh!!!!

Something so obvious you would have to be ultra stupid to get it wrong..

I did, and it took me two attempts to get it right. What was it I hear you cry? I used a power washer to do the driveway last night, to blast the weeds out between the cracks and to clean up the dirt and algae/lichens off the stones.

All I had to do (so I was told) was to connect the hose, turn on the water, plug in the unit and hey presto all would be power-washed.. it was at this moment that the situation turned into the simpson's moment as I had done the above and nothing much seemed to be happening, certainly not the pressure I had been expecting.

Frustrated, I put it away in the garage, while I decided to leave it to carry on with the painting task - see occupy the hands and the brain can think - and I had my Archimedes moment "Eureka" I cried..

Why hadn't it worked when I put it together the first time.. simple, I hadn't checked the switch was turned on.. Doh!

10 Minutes later and my wrists are aching with the vibrations, next doors car has been sprayed with mud (as am I) and the drive is looking much, much cleaner.. just have the second half to do tonight so will be a little more prepared and a little less stupid.

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Janet said...

Those things are NOT user friendly. Even when all the switches are in the proper place they don't work right about half the time.