09 July 2009

Happy Birthday and coincidences

To my Mum who would have been 78 today and who sadly died in 1992 at the very early age of 61. She was born in Gibraltar and always said this allowed her to run a shop there.. does it count for her direct descendants?

She was the one who picked out Sam and Teg as she was always dog mad, and spookily they were born on 3 Aug in 1990 - the spooky bit, this was the day she died in 1992.

Also, Dad and I brought the car a Peugeot 306 on this day in 2001, we had committed ourselves to it just before going on holiday as there were a few minor things that needed addressing (minor scratches/blemishes etc) and when we got the paperwork we found that the car had been officially registered on my birthday which is the end of March - guess it was always meant to be :-)

I know you can always read more into patterns that is actually there but this has always struck me as slightly spooky.


sally-ann said...

I'm with you on spooky coincidences. I lost a bracelet and it was missing for ages. I happened to be clearing a gutter of mud so that the water could run again and there it was. The day I found it was my mother's birthday and she'd been gone quite a few years by then. I just know she found it for me x

Janet said...

I think those coincidences are much more than that. I was born on the same day of the month as my aunt who died at the age of 6 weeks and for whom I am named. (That makes no sense - she died exactly 20 years before I was born.)