30 July 2009

A beautiful Poem ....a tribute to the fallen

After another week of hearing of the deaths of soldiers in Afghanistan, it was horrifying to hear that the government was trying to reduce the compensation to soldiers injured in war because they suffered complications following their original injury and want to reduce their compensation because they are tight-fisted, mean, selfish and uncaring... hmmm anyone want to vote for these lot again?

The guys that were injured were fighting on behalf of the Government, but that isn't good enough for the powers that be, they want to ensure that they are as badly treated as were the troops and sailors after the first napoleonic wars when they were reliant on charitable donations when they could fight no longer. They deserve better than the treatment they are getting and we should make sure their voices are heard.

A nicer piece of news is that Staff Sergeant Andrew McFarlane wrote the following tribute to the fallen, he is part of the Adjutant General's Corps and a member of the Territorial Army.. enjoy

Sunset Vigil

The news is spread far and wide
Another comrade has sadly died
A sunset vigil upon the sand
As a soldier leaves this foreign land

We stand alone, and yet as one
In the fading light of a setting sun
We've all gathered to say goodbye
To our fallen comrade who's set to fly

The eulogy's read about their life
Sometimes with words from pals or wife
We all know when the CO's done
What kind of soldier they'd become

The padre then calls us all to pray
The bugler has Last Post to play
The cannon roars and belches flame
We will recall, with pride, their name

A minute's silence stood in place
As tears roll down the hardest face
Deafening silence fills the air
With each of us in personal prayer

Reveille sounds and the parade is done
The hero remembered, forgotten by none
They leave to start the journey back
In a coffin draped in the Union Jack

Staff Sergeant Andrew McFarlane

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. Thank you for this post Sage!