26 July 2009

I was sorry to hear the News

Harry Patch died peacefully in his sleep aged 111 on Saturday morning. He was the last UK survivor who had fought in the Great War and like many of his comrades had stories of the horrors of the trenches which he kept to himself.

The Biography The Last Fighting Tommy written by Harry along with Richard Van Embden and very little of it covers the war and his experiences, instead it covers his early life and his life after the war when he returned to his career as a plumber.

Harry didn't talk about the war very much until he was over 100 and that was to ensure that the current generations know about the futility of war on such a grand scale. To quote him, no war is worth losing a life over; Harry said discussion was how to stop wars in the future... perhaps our politicians should take note.

God Bless you Harry

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