01 July 2009

A Knock on the Door

Well metaphorically anyway..

::waves hello::

I had an email in my inbox yesterday morning, from a contact within Genes Reunited and it turns out to be my Uncle Peter, who left many years ago to live in Australia.. Zeltus was in touch with him for a little while a few years back, but lost his address and since then Dad and I had no contact at all for a number of years; in fact since after Mum died in 1992, when we had to tell him the sad news over the phone.

I have been building the family history, on a part-time basis, as and when I get a chance or a new link and thanks to people like Colin and Rachel who gave me their family trees which link to mine I traced back my Dad's family to 1790's but had little luck with Mum's side and now Peter and I will be trading information back and forwards to fill in the gap a little more.

It was good to get this contact from him, and he has passed my details onto another family member in the Gloucestershire area which my maternal grandmother's family came from.

I can now add some more details to the family tree and hopefully, can add Peter to the view so he can see what I am missing and what he is missing and between us we can add some colour.

I have given Peter this blog, and if he clicks on Zeltus he will find my brother as well; whether we will get a chance to visit Australia at some point in the future I don't know, I would like to think so but I am not going to set my hopes too high as the future is at the moment uncertain until certain events have occurred (or not as the case might be).

Hello to my newly found family in Australia if you have followed the link on the email...

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Relax Max said...

I got involved in family history a few years ago and it is a very satisfying "hobby". I wish you luck and I'm glad you reconnected.