20 July 2009

A Good Weekends' Work

I spent 6 solid hours painting the dining room a nice clean shade of magnolia, it took two coats to cover the peach silk emulsion that was on the wall and it makes a huge difference to the room.

Not only does the room now appear lighter, but also larger (though that has more to do with the amount taken out of the room rather than the colour aspect).

I had to learn a whole new technique to painting the walls as the first coat didn't cover the old paint underneath and when I got back to the first corner, at least the surface was dry enough to take a second coat immediately. I used a brush rather than a roller as I find it easy to make a bit of a mess with a roller, that's not to say I don't with a brush, but at least its not so big a mess.

I don't want to stay in the house, even with the fresh coat of paint on it, and the estate agent has another client she wants to show the property to which will be done on Tuesday when I am not in.. it was very uncomfortable to show the house off on Friday last week, and the thunderous rain didn't help very much but I knew as soon as they left that the couple weren't interested in buying it as they wanted something a little more open plan but didn't want to make the effort.

The couple looking at it on Tuesday are a builder, handy for the changes they want to make, and also keep chickens and have a vegetable patch so it might tickle their fancy.. as soon as it is sold, no matter the job situation, I will be handing in my notice at work... and I can almost taste freedom.


Hogday said...

Situation similar, Sage. It's been a slooow process so I don't believe anything about this so called `recovery` until we sign on the dotted line. And even in the good times, onveyancing in this country is screaming out for a radical overhaul. I do not envy you as we`re in the same boat, with no known destination even if we sell tomorrow. Makes life interesting!

Dark Side said...

I know what you mean about painting whether brush or roller I still manage to get up up my arms, down my legs and everywhere if I decide to move too quickly. The funniest though when I was decorating was Mum got her foot stuck in the paint tray and instead of staying there so I could pull it out, she started waving it around with the result being paint and my mums foot flying all over the place..lol..xx

Janet said...

Oh, good for you. I know what it's like to get out of a dead end job.