23 July 2009

No News

When is no news good news.... certainly not in this instance when they (Duchy College) said they would contact us at the latest today - oh well keep your fingers crossed for the other job instead I think.

I am still extremely tired after yesterday's exertions... and after the long drive down in the rain on Tuesday as well. I arrived well after 7pm and that's after leaving here at 12.30 but circumstances meant that my journey was delayed by 45 mins due to having to cross the wasteland that is Milton Keynes.

I was treated to a meal out in a nice location at the other end, and then crashed out on the bed... so much for stay-ability when you get older and needing more sleep lol.

Up early for the interviews, couldn't eat breakfast or drink my tea but made up for it after the second one with a ham and gruyere panini in Tesco's before heading over to drop off some things for friends and then the long drive home. I stopped for a break at Taunton Dean services where (and I rarely do this) I spotted a fashion faux pas of the highest rank.. It is bad enough when men wear socks with sandals but when it is a woman wearing an orange skirt, a purple top and a green shrug it was hilarious.. I have no idea of who she was but if I ever wear anything that bad, please push me off the edge of the nearest tall building :-)

By the time I got to Swindon the car was starting to look alarmingly empty, I know that a 1/8 tank will still do 60 miles but the Esso garage was selling diesel for 99.9p per litre which is a good price at any location most of the garages were ranging between 101.9 to 106.9 for diesel en-route so I filled her to the brim.

I was so glad to get home last night, the fish were sleeping silently (do they do anything else I wonder?) on the floor of their tank while Gus and Barnie were gazing at me through the bars of their cage in the every hopeful stance that begged for a yogie.. duly given, I then sat down to a KFC and finally managed to go to bed and sleep at about 11.30pm.

This morning I had to empty the car, which I was just too tired to do last night - and then make my way to work... but at least the sun shone today :-)

Thank you to everyone who wished me well, thought about me and contributed any ideas for questions.. it was all welcomed and appreciated.

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Dark Side said...

Fingers crossed for you Sage, I hope you get at least one of them..xx