22 July 2009

A Long Day

My first interview was at Duchy College, Rosewarne for a Learning Centre Advisor... All the information I was given was to report to Reception at 9.00am. When I arrived, promptly at 8.45am, I checked in and took a seat and by 9.00am there were 6 of us there. I hadn't ever had a group situation interview before and wondered how long it would take to complete the process as my next interview was at 12.30pm at Camborne.

We were led in a crocodile format to the Learning Centre, and given a briefing of the day - Day! I thought crumbs... I am in trouble... so I asked for clarity and we were given our individual interview times, mine being 11.30am... hoping they weren't running late I kept quiet and the IT task was given to us to do, not too bad using Office 2007 which I was familiar with, as it happened but challenging enough to keep me thinking all the time I was doing it, checking I had followed instructions and that it was what was being asked for.

I did find that the lack of planned activity led to a lot of sitting around, as you couldn't monopolise the staff member for any length of time and I tried to get a feel for what the college was about and also the types of students/queries needing answers.

One of the other candidates asked about the test, she had yet to take it and it was a very uncomfortable few moments when I explained that I couldn't in all fairness give her any information about it neither good nor bad as it would set her up with pre-conceptions about what to expect.

The interview itself went well, ok that's how I felt it went, but you don't really know or get a feel for how they perceive you.

I finished about 12.10pm and then had to hot foot it over to Camborne, no time for a break for the next appointment and more importantly no time to go through the paperwork.

This interview was with Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change and appealed to my sense of fair play and wanting to put something back into the community. This time it was a written test trying to establish matching clients with criteria for options. Then a list of tasks which needed prioritising.

At the actual interview I was handed back my test and asked to explain the process I had gone through with each task and how I had arrived at my answers. I again though the interview went well but they have a few more people to interview on Thursday so I am unlikly to know anything until Friday at the earliest.

I would happily take either of the two jobs offered, both differing in the workplace, both offering me the opportunity to use my skills and I would find it hard to choose which one I preferred most... I only hope that one of them feels I am the right person for the job as it would be good to be able to tick the boxes re: a job before I leave but if need be then I will be moving without a job and doing temp work until something more permanent comes along.

Left Cornwall after the last interview, dropping in to see a couple of friends and got home after a long and tiring journey at 10.30pm after stopping for a KFC in Milton Keynes.


Kippers Dickie said...

Gosh!...You didn't go there and back in a day?...did you?
That's a "hell-ofa-lora" driving.
And two interviews!.. Where do you get the energy?
Hope its good news on Friday (or whenever).

Sage said...

@Kippers Dickie... No I travelled down Tuesday pm so while not on the same day it was over a really short space of time.. had it been a thursday I would have had an extra day and stayed down for the weekend... ::yawns:: good job I can sleep tonight as I have friends coming for the weekend to assist with the decorating... bless them :-)