13 July 2009


Since Friday, I and a close friend have been busy doing :
  • Painting the stairs wall and ceiling
  • Painting the front room walls and ceiling
  • Painting the window ledges front, wall posts, garage surround and porch woodwork
  • Putting woodstain on the front door
  • Repainting the number on the door (was brass is now painted with gold leaf paint - which looks pretty)
  • Replacing the coving - which had fallen down over a year ago.. being as it was over 10 wide impossible for me to do on my own.
  • Met with an estate agent who has given me an estimation of the value of the house
  • Drank 4 bottles of beer, 2 bottles of wine - yes really not a lot at all.

We were pretty much on the go from 8am until usually 8pm with a short break for lunch... dinner was more of a slow affair as both of us were shattered by then.

Sounds good, well this is the list of things that still need doing :
  • Painting the dining room walls and ceiling
  • Painting the spare bedroom walls and ceiling
  • Painting the study walls
  • Painting the kitchen walls and tiles
  • Painting the bathroom and sealing the bath
  • Gloss work in the entire house - skirting boards, doors and some window ledges

House will be going on the market when this is done, which I estimate to be the end of the month. Another couple of friends are coming down to help me to do the kitchen and bathroom but the rest of it.. that's all mine..

I know it will be worth it in the end, but it does seem like an awfully long list to me


Kathy G said...

Why do we wait until the last minute to fix things up around the house?

Janet said...

Bless you, honey, I have been there! I would list our things to finish in our house, but I think there's a word limit in comments.

You got a lot accomplished in one weekend!!!