06 July 2009

1st Harvest

I had a redcurrant bush in the garden, and while the dogs were alive I never had any currants...

The reason why?

The dogs kept out the neighbours cats from the garden and the birds could comfortably eat my redcurrants and strawberries leaving me with none but I didn't mind as when I last had redcurrants it was years ago and I prefer raspberries.

Now the cats have free reign, I have lost most of the birds from the garden and as a result I managed the other night to pick over 3lbs of redcurrants.. a bittersweet moment.

I have frozen 2lbs and the other went into a saucepan with some sugar and gently stewed.. last night I had this compote served over raspberries and yoghurt... it was superb and I looked at a small pot in the supermarket which had 200g of redcurrrants in for 1.99 so I reckon I have an expensive commodity there..

Will have to plant a new bush when I get to Cornwall as I think I like redcurrants, I know I like white currants but I have never seen any plants for sale.. anyone else know where I can get them from?


dickiebo said...

Have you tried the 'White currant Shoppe'?
Only trying to be helpful!!!

Nicey said...

Maybe you can grow some grapes down in Cornwall ;)