17 July 2009

Flavoured Crisps

I am sitting here, at the end of a teaching session, typing this eating a bag of Norfolk Bloody Mary Crisps... What do they taste of... well mostly tomato with a touch of pepper to them but I couldn't tell you for real whether they had any vodka anywhere near them.

I have tried some of walkers flavours, the hoisin duck weren't too bad, though I passed on the builders breakfast, cajun squirrel and fish and chips...

What's wrong with good old salt n vinegar or cheese and onion or my personal favourite is to have worcestershire sauce crisps... definitely worth obtaining if you like worcestershire sauce.

Outside it is pouring with rain, thundering like mad and generally a wet summers day.. but at least it isn't cold.

Was up at the crack of dawn this morning; finishing off a little painting task I left undone last night... I prefer to paint textured walls, or even anaglypta wallpaper than plain walls as you can see a more even finish on those whereas plain walls show ever blemish there is ... sigh!

1 comment:

Janet said...

Wow! Worchestershire? Bloody Mary? We get sour cream and onion. I do like salt and vinegar though.