08 July 2009

Estate Agent Visit

I have arranged for an initial visit from an estate agent, local, on Friday afternoon at 4pm. This is to give me a value of what I can expect for the house, they have said that properties in the village are going almost as soon as they are put up for sale but though I have some optimism I am also wary of EstateAgentSpeak which might be a little fork-tongued.

I am planning on getting another couple of valuations done and then I can sit down with the costs for sale and work out the best way of selling the house...

Anyone done this out there and wants to give me some valuable advice and tips, I am all ears..

I apparently need either to pay up front (non-returnable) or at the point of sale between 1-1.5% of the value... hmmm which is the better option?

How do you interview an Estate Agent to get the best price for them to sell on your behalf?

Help me here someone must have some useful info?


dickiebo said...

I have sent you some really useful stuff via e-mail. No thanks are needed!

Relax Max said...

Good luck on selling your house. It's a big deal, mainly because one usually doesn't do it very often. I obviously can't answer your questions since I live in another country, but your first commenter probably has sent you good information.

Here (in the USA) I would be leery about paying anything up front, as a seller, but I'm sure your agent will explain it to your satisfaction. (Generally, whatever expenses the seller has to pay is simply taken out of his proceeds at closing, not up front.)

You are taking an exciting step in your life. :)

sally-ann said...

Personally I'd pay when they've sold it for you. Make them work for their money! The more they get for you the more they'll earn so that's an incentive for them. Good luck.

Janet said...

We generally pay 6% of the sale price, but the agent doesn't get it until the sale goes through, thus giving them more incentive to sell it (supposedly). But as Max said, I'm sure it works very differently where you are.
Good luck!