03 July 2009

Isn't it funny

The perspectives of two different generations about the same person are completely different..

Peter, Zeltus and I are in contact by email, and discussing family history. Nan was born in 1897 and married when aged 27 to Pops who was 5 years younger than her.. Nan to me was a no-nonsense woman, who managed children (and grand-children) with cast-iron rules particularly for manners and the like (though she was very good at treats etc).

Peter's perspectives of his parents, our grandparents, seem to be different from mine and we are busy swapping family history and sharing what we know.. it is good to be in touch and we hope that at some point in future to meet up.

I learned a lot of cooking skills from Nan, who was a cook before she married, as she always seemed to be baking and after school treats were nearly always available in the kitchen.. I still love licking out the cake mixture when I am baking cakes.. yep even the raw eggs in there don't stop me loving it. Mum also was a good cook, and I would think that she also had 'lessons' in how to make your own cakes etc.. which came in handy when we were stationed in Malaya as these were not usually widely available in the Naafi and when they were they were incredibly expensive.

Peter's wife, like Zeltus's wife comes from Falmouth... a funny coincidence in the bigger scheme of things... and they are trying to make contact with her side of the family

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