16 July 2009

What I will miss most

I was thinking, at about 4am this morning, what I will miss most about the house and the location.. and came up with Bats..

I am lucky in that my bedroom, has windows front and back as it is a large bedroom some 22feet long and at the rear it faces onto fields and woods I don't need to pull the curtains at night so I get to see the bats flying in the twilight catching insects.

I knew they flew at dusk, but until this morning I didn't realise they also flew at pre-dawn as well.. all you see is a fast moving dark object almost like a swallow except for the fact they are flying in lowlight. I am fascinated by them, and when I still had the dogs I used to take a walk last thing at night along the lane to the farm to see the bats flying. Occasionally they would come nearby you, but you were never in fear of being entangled in them.

So there you go... I am going to miss my bats above everything else and I don't know that they will be at the other end of my journey.

Update : I had a phone call this morning, to say I have another interview for the same day next week as the other one.. what are the chances of that occurring? One happy singing bunny...


Janet said...

We have a bat that roosts in the kids' playhouse. I'm sure we have others, but we haven't found them yet. I love the bats - I wish we had more - we still have far too many mosquitoes.

Relax Max said...

I think bats fly all night. It takes a lot of insects to fill one up.:) At least they do that down here - come out of their cave at dusk and return at dawn. Then, ho-hum, hang upside down and sleep all day long. What a life. I hope the job is one you will like and that you get it if you want it.