02 July 2009

Witty and Interesting... well why not?

I was looking for something quite witty and interesting to post today as due to the increasingly hot climate in the Back of Beyond and being inundated with little thunderflies which are really irritating... so in my search I came across this blog (I was actually looking for a cartoon strip that mentioned the weather.. in my google search)

It's a blog featuring the ducks which appear in the Harborough Mail a sample cartoon is above and if you click here you will link to the post with a better version of the cartoon in... I like it when cartoonists poke fun at the MP's in this way and the cartoon of the week ending 28/05/2009 is even better though I believe you can't beat Mac for the charm of his cartoons and the hidden pictures.

I think this is one to add to my blogroll.. what do you think?

1 comment:

dickiebo said...

Mac for King!
I've got quite a few of his that I haven't posted yet - he's just brill!