27 July 2009

Ah Well

I heard back from both interviews on Friday, sadly I didn't get either job, though I had some very positive comments from each company which helped to boost my ego. Doesn't stop me trying and I have a number of applications in, a number to go in and a couple of days to have got over the disappointment.

If I end up down in Cornwall, without a job to go to it doesn't scare me but I must sell the house first so priority has now been given to the decorating. The Estate agents are coming around tomorrow afternoon to take photographs outside so hopefully the sun will shine. Wednesday I have a removals company coming around to give me a quotation and I am optimistic that I will be leaving here very soon as I don't want to be here at all never mind for very long but it does pay a wage and that is much needed at present or I would just decamp tomorrow.

Friends came down at the weekend, and helped to strip the wallpaper from the kitchen and bathroom. Much needed help for which I was very grateful and they were rewarded with a homemade curry and a trip to the village pub in the evening though I am sure the nightlife in the area was a lot quieter than they thought it might be.

I took them back to the station yesterday, then started on with the painting in the kitchen, managed to fall over twice, the second was more spectacular as I crashed down off a chair after hanging a new shower curtain in the bathroom. Luckily on neither occasion did I hurt myself but did end up feeling a little scared of doing more so had the rest of the evening off to enjoy a chinese instead.

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Hogday said...

Nil Desperandum Sage. After 10 months on the market and a trickle of viewers (Av. one per month) we had a good offer yesterday. I think it was the right person walking into the right home. Light at the end of the tunnel? No, I think we were just lucky that it all came together at that moment - either that or there's bigger forces at work because other things seem to be mysteriously slotting into each other. And so it will be for you - if you keep off bloody chairs! Positive mental attitude all the way!!