21 July 2009

Anyone got any good questions?

It's been a long time since I had an interview, the last one was for promotion to level 5 which I missed by inches and I found it an unpleasant experience.

Tomorrow I have two interviews, one at 9am and another at 12.30pm not too far apart so I should be ok if one runs late. I have been reading the spec for the positions, the background on the companies involved and tried to come up with some intelligent questions that demonstrates a) my interest in the job and the company and b) that I have prepared for the interview and done my homework.

Do any of you have any other questions I might like to raise, other than money... not that it isn't interesting but there are more ways of making money than bartering your soul for it and I am hoping that if the house sells for what I have been quoted I will be able to lose the mortgage in the process of the move and therefore money will be less of a target and more of an opportunity.

Look forward to hearing from you on this, what have you asked at Interviews in the past and do you think it influenced your interview?


dickiebo said...

One that caught me out - which I have blogged about!
I was asked (interview was for the Hong Kong Police, at crown Agents in London)why I was not joining the London Police, who had trained me as a Cadet. Did I not think that I owed them some loyalty!!!
Apparently, the corect answer is that I acknowledged that by the service that I gave to them as a Cadet.
Well, this may be useful!

Dark Side said...

I am really crap when they ask me if there is anything I want to ask, I usually just mumble if I think of something I will get in touch, so an update post would be good after your interviews...

Good luck fingers crossed for one of them if not both..xx

Anonymous said...

The trick is, or so we used to tell our students when they were going up for interview, was to have a prepared list with you. When you are asked if you have any questions, you whip out the list and run your finger down, even if you know the answers. It makes you look well prepared.

I always ask if the post is a new one, or would I be taking over from someone else. That isn't always made clear, and you may be able to pick up some sense of why a previous person is leaving.

You can ask what the organisation structure is like, any training given, and so on. So much depends on what they say during the interview.


ddadmin said...

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