17 August 2008

The weekend part uno

The purpose of the weekend was to travel down to Kernow to watch the Cornish Pirates play Redruth on Saturday. We started off at silly o'clock on the Friday morning and was in Redruth to meet SOH's family. We arrived at 10.30am after just over 5 hours driving to find they had gone out to see another member of the family, our fault we did say we would be there for 9.30am so we couldn't complain.

We headed over to the campsite and pitched the tent, though we were early they were obliging in letting us set up early. So we headed to our pitch and got out the tent, putting the additional groundsheet down was a great idea as it proved really helpful later on. Then the outersheet before the inner fly. Blow up the airbed, lay on the sleeping bags, put up the chairs and the table and a cup of coffee later we were enjoying the warm sunshine.

I had, in my usual way, forgotten to bring the bacon and butter so the bacon banjos were missed, but we had a supermarket nearby and soon stocked up after meeting up with the family and giving them some of our homegrown veggies.

We had a late lunch/early dinner of a ham bone with bread and butter, which was lovely and I kept the bone to make some soup stock at home later putting it back in the bag it came in and left it on the floor in the porch area. Shattered we had an early night, I didn't even manage to finish my glass of wine before I curled up for a restful sleep.

We were disturbed a couple of hours later by some significant rustling in the porch area, and despite shining the torch couldn't see what was there. We got up and I moved the bag with the ham bone to find a critter hoping for a free food. Not phased by us humans at all, it took a number of gentle pushes with a trainer to encourage him to leave us and the food alone. We then transferred all the food to the car as it was obvious that the wildlife were used to foraging in the tents for sustenance and we had no intention of encouraging him.

Henry (the hedgehog or hedgepig), as he was nicknamed, came back in the wee small hours of the morning, but other than scuttling through the porch area he was not any trouble and made for a great talking topic.


The W.O.W. factor said...

OMG! What kind of critter was it? Looks pretty harmless! At least he didn't seek out shelter in your tent with you :)

Sage said...

Harmless hedgehog and I happen to quite like them but they usually are covered in both prickles (think porcupine) and fleas.. definitely not nicknamed cuddles lol

They eat slugs and worms so gardeners like them and encourage them.