06 August 2008

We received an Invitation

Yesterday I got an email from a published author (and I hesitate to say friend as that would be presumptious of me) who has invited us down to a launch of his new Book.

Sam Manicom's first book, Under African Skies was a story of his travels with a bmw motorbike in Africa. Full of humour and sketches as well as photographs it makes you laugh, cry and wish you were in his shoes all at the same time.

He wrote a follow up book Under Asian Skies, which had I had the money to spend on it I would have brought it when I saw him again at the BMF show, but the good lad he is he will be attending the BMW National Rally later this month and has promised he will bring me a copy to buy.

We had a long chat with him at the BMF show, asking what he is going to do next, and he said he had a book in the pipeline which is where the invitation comes in. He is doing a book launch for Distant Suns at the Ace Cafe on 1st November 2008 and wehave got a personal invitation to go to it.

Hopefully SOH won't be working as Sam no doubt will present some of the background to the book and he is a cracking good after dinner speaker and a very unassuming person whom you can't fail to warm to.

I will re-read Under African Skies and post a review on here for those that are interested and would like to read an excerpt you can follow the link in this post (at the top) to Sam's Website and he has reviews and excerpts on each of the books.


Janet said...

How much fun! I'll have to look for those books - they sound fascinating.

gemmak said...

I met Sam last year, cool guy, cool book. Lucky you :o)