04 August 2008

Out of the Wilderness

Sorry to any visitor's to my blog, life caught me on the hop recently.. for reasons I would rather not go into and I had to have some downtime. Not to mention that the painkillers were so strong that one of them knocked me out for hours at a time; not a bad thing as the pain was worse than the drugs.

But no longer... I'm back and waiting to write on so many things.. the garden, which is producing all sorts of goodies for us to eat namely beans, carrots, onions and garlic not to mention tomatoes are ripening nicely and I have some peppers on the pepper plant.

The trailer has been painted, and decorated with all sorts of reflective tape (all the better to see us with) and the towing bar has been fitted to the bike. We just need to repaint the inside of the trailer (which at the moment is blood red) for a new gold colour to match the cornish pirates scheme and the trailer has a name.. notably Perky (which is why the GPS unit is now going to be called Porky)..

Pictures to be here soon.


Relax Max said...

It is good to see you back. And so glad to see you are feeling better.

Umm... Cornish Pirates Theme on Perky?

Ah! - Rugby. Of course! I'm learning. :)

Elaine said...

I thought it was Pinkie and Perkie.

Glad to see you back. Hope all well now.

Janet said...

Glad you're feeling better. Can't wait to see the pictures!