05 August 2008

Garden News 1

The garden has been blooming marvelous... the sunflowers are out (which is more than can be said for the Sun today, but nevermind).

This was the first of the five that appeared from seeds and it has been fascinating watching the heads follow the sun, now it is in flower the head stay facing East and the buds on the neck try their best to catch some rays.

We have been living on the largesse of the produce, namely beans and carrots with the odd courgette thrown in for good measure, this was one evening's work and it tasted lovely with some nice lamb chops and new potatoes.

We harvested the onions and garlic over the weekend and they are drying off nicely in the tunnel before being used in the kitchen. Thanks to Elaine's TBSITW as we had no idea that the garlic was ready as nothing really seemed to happen above ground. Silly us, apparently the garlic grows underground.. still we will know better for next year and I would like to grow some Elephant garlic as it sounds nice and can be used in many more culinary delights.

Next year, we plan to do some of the same things, and try some new things, namely potatoes and more peppers (trying to persuade SOH that pepper does not always mean hot). I would like to have some peas, though I usually eat them raw as they taste that much nicer than when cooked.

On the flower front : The fuschia's and sweet peas have done well, and as I type I can smell the ones I brought into the office, sadly they don't last very long, but while they do they scent the office nicely. The fuschia's are not really an indoor plant, but they look stunning in the garden and we have a happy variety of bees and butterflies rummaging around in the buddlea(sp?), the lavender and other plants.

We are hoping to take some of the goodies down for the SOH's parents/family when we visit them soon, and bring some Cornish ware back with us... it will also be the first official outing for the new tent; which is a whole other story.

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