09 August 2008

Plentiful Produce = grateful thanks

Thanks to Leanne over at Somerset Seasons; I have a freezer full of plentiful produce.

I had to go into the local market town this morning, as I needed to get to a post office for a passport application form for SOH. Walking through the town market I noticed they were doing bowls of bell peppers for £1.00 and each bowl had about 8 peppers in it. Having seen Leanne's blog and taking her advice I purchased a bowl and spent a happy afternoon, cutting them up into small pieces and putting them in a bag.

Now when I want to have some for a recipe, I can take out a bag (containing the contents of one pepper) and use it. Cheaper than buying it from the supermarkets.

Love the ideas that I get from reading all these blogs, many of which I can put into practice in my own life.


1 comment:

Elaine said...

Sounds like you have a really good town market!