27 August 2008

Report - Part 3

Sunday was met with thunderous rain showers before dawn, I was hoping that this meant that it would clear by late morning after the saying rain before 7, fine before 11; and this proved to be the case.

We chilled out by the main reception, drinking coffee and being sociable, watching the others trying the new bikes out and catching up with old friends. SOH had Ultraseal fitted to his tyres, this is a substance that hopefully will provide some protection in case of punctures; it allows a slow deflation rather than a fast one and mean less worry.

We watched the skills contest in the afternoon, 20 brave souls riding an unfamiliar bike on a testing course on wet grass - but everyone survived and no one was injured - not even the marshalls.

We had planned in the evening to go for a thai meal with some friends, and met up with them at 6pm. Many people were not very happy with the meals at the campsite, preferring to eat in town instead and it seemed that we were not alone in booking into the thai restaurent. There was a choice of dishes in the buffet and it was eat as much as you like for £9.95 a head; very good value for money.

Because I was going to be riding in the morning, I stayed off the alcohol but the rest of the group imbibed a couple of beers each along with the meals and we all tried some of most of the dishes, to see which ones to go back for more of. The honeyed chicken wings really seemed to go down well with most of us though the bones ended up in a bowl by my plate for some reason. Note to self, it is better not to over indulge on rich spicy food :-(

We returned to the campsite to find the raffle being drawn, though sadly SOH and I were not lucky enough to have won anything this time. The disco we passed on as neither of us were interested and it was too loud to talk over it.

Monday morning was dry and packing the tents away was quite sad as it is nice to catch up with friends at these events and we had been blessed with some really nice weather. A slow journey home along the same route saw us arrive in plenty of time to relax before having to prepare for work.


Relax Max said...

I have been following your adventures the past few days. Your writing is so interesting. I feel as if I am almost along with you. I'm not, of course, would never ride a bicycle that far, for one thing. Fun "watching" you though. :)

The W.O.W. factor said...

Sage, sorry you didn't win a raffle this time, but your weekend sounds like you had a wonderful time without a win.