02 August 2008

Announcing : The Tent

Well the new tent arrived, did I say it was a nice grey/lilac combination? well this is her..

Actually it's tent no 2, but that's a whole 'nother story.. namely the first one appeared to have bloodstains on the inner sleeping compartment. The company quickly sent us another tent and DVD.

The first DVD was broken, so we used trial and error to help us set up, but the second DVD proved we did it mostly correct. Just didn't get the internal porch support pole through the rings but all sorted now.

She is quite big, taking up the majority of the lawn (excluding the water feature) and not all the guy ropes were put in place only just to establish that we knew how to put it up in case the next time it was raining.

The bedroom comes with a dividing sheet, as it is a 5 person tent, but me and SOH + all biker gear are as good as 4 people so we are having it all to ourselves. First outing will be to Cornwall to see SOH's family and then the National Rally in the Cotswolds will be our next venture. Hopefully next year it will see more outings.


Janet said...

Good lord, I should hope they sent a replacement quickly. Our tent is a 2-seater, but just barely. Obviously we haven't been camping in 4 years since we now have 2 kids. We're thinking of going in the fall. We'll have to buy or borrow a tent.
Biking across England sounds SO lovely. I look forward to hearing about it.

AnneDroid said...


Your tent looks quite like ours. Ours has a broken pole though so I'm going to see if I can buy a replacement.

Hope you have loads of fun with it. I don't know about where you are but if you were camping here at the moment you would be well and truly washed away. On the other hand if you had an airbed you'd be floating and very comfortable as a result!