18 August 2008

The weekend part drei

We packed up the tents early Sunday morning, the footprint ground sheet I mentioned in my first post about the weekend really was helpful as all the rain on saturday had left the ground sodden in the campsite and the side of the car was splattered with mud on Saturday night when we returned.

Taking down the tent we could drop everything on to the footprint and that kept the marjority of the tent clean of mud. The foot print can be wiped over with a mop and then put away ready for the next time.

After last farewells to family and dropping in on the football tournament run by SOH's friends we headed for the long drive home. Stopping at Sedgemoore services on the M5 for a well earned coffee and bite to eat as we were both starving and the last meal we had was breakfast. We finally arrived home last night just after 7pm and unpacked the car, just to empty it as tonight will be sorting out and doing the washing ready for the week ahead.

Next weekend we go to the BMW National rally in the Cotswolds. We are hoping for good weather as that will be the first outing for the trailer and bikes together.


The W.O.W. factor said...

It's always good to get home, even having to put things away!
By the way, what is the BMW National Rally?

AnneDroid said...

Glad you'd a good weekend.

Sage said...

@WOW - have answered your question about the rally in a separate post

@annedroid - it was good, camping is much more fun than being in a hotel or b&b as you can chat to other campers who are there and more of a community feeling