26 August 2008

Looking Back

Ooops sorry for the late report :-)

We set off on Friday morning, well actually afternoon, to the rally over at Moreton in the Marsh (Glos) a scenic route and only ~65 miles to go. Even so it was eventful, I led the first part of the way as I know over to Aynho and then SOH took over with the GPS leading us through Chipping Norton and inviting back roads to our destination.

Somehow en-route the trailer connection seemed to loosen off and it was dancing around behind SOH like a whirling dervish. We stopped at one point to check the tyre pressures thinking that was the problem but when we reached our destination a friend and fellow K1100LT rider, Tim found out that the nuts had loosened off. Another friend, Graham is going to weld a goose neck onto the trailer to raise it to the height that we need for the tow bar fitting.

The campsite was spread over a wide area, and typically we picked a spot the further from the toilet block. Now riding a bike on grass is harder than on a road as you have to be extremely careful not to hit the brakes as it would duck out from under you, luckily my wits were about me and we safely navigated the length of the field.

We pitched the tents up and booked in for the rally acquiring a yellow plastic bracelet and a pack of a programme as well as some fetching polo-shirts in grey. We were being frugal and didn't want to pay for meals so later on meandered into the village and picked up some supplies to have later on.

A couple of drinks in the local pub, I had Hook Norton a nice hoppy bitter and SOH drank London Pride and we meandered back to the campsite where we had a late night supper and then bed.

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The W.O.W. factor said...

I'm reading these in sequential order, so as not to miss anything...
~so you are off to a good start (minus the trailer coming loose). We are pretty frugal too and take our own foods for preparations if we go anywhere. Smart!