13 August 2008

The Other half

Sorry were you expecting a picture of SOH? you will be disappointed.. this is Perky's other half Pinky.. so named because the red has faded to a more pink (fuschia) version.

I chose these pictures, that SOH took, because you can see the trailer Hooked up to to the bike.

The trailer is tilted at a higher angle that we would have liked which means getting some welding done to create a step up tow hitch to try and create a more level trailer but it is getting there. Just need to do the wiring up now for the electrics.

That work has to wait until after the weekend as we are off to see a rugby match between the Cornish Pirates and Redruth on Saturday. Although it is a pre-season friendly I expect there will be blood spilt during the process of the game. Pictures and report to follow


Kathy G said...

Are bikes with trailers common in England? I can't recall ever seeing one like this in my part of the USA.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

that's really cool and eco-helpful also, I guess. in India we sometimes see bikes with sidecars carrying entire families.

also loved your book memory!